Liverpool exchange 2019 Part 3. Friday

Today we went to Chester. We took a couple trains and we had to run a lot so as to not to miss the second one.
When we arrived Chester, we went to a Gothic Protestant Cathedral, which had inside a model of the Church made with legos. On the way we saw some ducks and a bridge with a big clock, the second most famous in the UK.
Then we went to a very old cafe, called Katie’s tea room, which is  600 years old. There, we drank coffee and tea…which there were many people who did not know how to make it ….😜
By the way, we still do not know where Edu is, I think he’s looking for the bathroom🤣.
In the street we saw a town crier who was going to give the news at 12 o’clock, he told some jokes and he distributed postcards to the people who answered some questions.
Then we went to eat fish and chips and it was very good. Following this we have gone to several stores.
Chester was very nice but it would have been better if it had not rained all day.
Finally, we went to Ana’s house where we had a barbecue and we relaxed for a while after being so tired. Daniel 😉

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