Liverpool exchange 2019 Part 1. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


In the morning we had not taken the plane yet, but we had our bags and everything ready. We had to go to school as a normal day we were very excited and counting the hours to go.
When it was time to get on the bus we were all nervous and eager to get the airport, because of that, one of us forgot his coat, which is one of the most necessary things in Liverpool since it’s so cold! Fortunately, his guardian angel came to give it to him. During the way we were singing.  When we arrived at the airport after two hours of bus we went to do the check-in, doing that, Adriana thought that she did not have the key of her suitcase padlock but luckily she found it. After that we passed the security control, we all had to throw away water bottles but Dani didn’t do it and he was asked for opening his backpack. After that, teachers showed us the boarding gate and they gave us 40 minutes to be around at the airport so we went to the Burguer King, we spent lot of time in the queue although when it was our turn we realised  that everything was really expensive, for instance, chips cost three times more than usual.
We got into the plane, sat in our seats, everything was perfect until we were told that there were technical problems on the plane, we were all a little scared. We spent 2 hours or so waiting, in the meantime, we were joking and sending stickers  via WhatsApp. When they said it was ready everyone was happy. On the plane, we were listening to music and watching series. Danil and Edu slept. When we arrived at the airport, everyone could get internet, except Paco and me. It was too late when we arrived at the airport, 1:00 in Spain and 2:00 in the UK, luckily our English mates picked us up. When I arrived at my partner’s house I was very nervous but the family was charming, the mother is very funny and very kind, she prepared sth to eat 😉 Belén.


We got up at 7:30, because they start School later than we do, and this has pros and cons. The good things is you can get up late ‘cause you finish school later, which is no so good.
First thing they do at school everyday is tutorial to talk about their exams and things like this. It is worth mentioning that they just have 3 subjects but 2 hours in a row, which is very intense.
They are used to eating in the canteen, for instance, we ate spaghetti with meatballs, we loved this meal, it was tasty!
In addition,  this school has a lot of security, all students have an ID card to open the doors, I think that it is perfect to control all the things.
In the afternoon, at 15:30 we took a bus to go the city centre and eat and drink something, we tried sth like cheese sticks and bread with a strange sauce, I didn’t like it but people here love it. When we finished, we went to our houses, took a shower and have dinner, for example I ate fish and ships with a sausage, and it was delicious! We were very tired, so we went to bed very early and we slept like a log ❤. Elena.


Today we have taken a train to go to Liverpool after meeting our partners at 8.30 am.
When we arrived to Liverpool, we walked through the city to get to the Anglican cathedral, the biggest of the Anglican ones in the UK. Inside there, there was a globe, because in previous days there was an exposition about rivers, and they are going to keep it there for 2 or 3 months. It was weird…
After that, we visited the Catholic Church to see the differences between them. The Catholic one was very new (from 1960) and it was very simple without having images or sculptures. It was much different than Spanish churches.
Later, we walked again to go to the library which was the biggest we have ever seen. It has a lot of rooms with different kind of books or computers. It was amazing!!
Then, we went to the Liverpool’s World Museum to see dinosaurs’ replicas and learn something about Egyptians, space… It was nice!
After all, we came back to school to meet our exchange partners and go back to our homes.
To finish our fantastic day, we had a great time with everybody (minus Faye and Laura 🙁 ) to have dinner in an Italian restaurant called ‘Zizzi’ where we tasted delicious dishes like pizza or calzone. 😊 Raquel y Marina.

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