3th Day: Bremerhaven

Today we could divide the day into 3 different parts:
First, we met the whole group in front of the school gym at 8:00 am, there we were divided into 2 groups according to our work teams; going through two stations, the first where we has a professional training with the coach of the host team, and another where we will begin to prepare a presentation that will make each international team this Friday.
Then we had a break of one hour to have shower and leave our change clothes.
At 12:30 we all met to enter the ClimateHouse, where from 12:45 to 13:30 we were able to have lunch.
At this time, we began the tour of the building, divided into three main sections, «The world future lab», «The offshore center» and «The Journey», which was the main part of the visit.
First we went to the futuristic laboratory, where through certain games we had to get a more sustainable planet, and according to the score we obtained, they gave us a diploma.
Followed by this we went to the offshore center where we saw how windmills are produced and what mechanical parts were used in a wind turbine; in this room there were also games like him pinball and there was also a helicopter where you could perform a simulation.
The journey consists of a walk through eight rooms each simulating a different biome located on the 8 degree meridian where Bremerhaven, Switzerland, Nigeria, Cameroon, Antarctica, Samoa and Alaska are respectively representing the climates of temperate oceanic, starting point equivalent to Germany also, high mountain, Mediterranean, Equatorial, desert, polar sheet and tundra.
In each of these rooms we could see changes in temperature, sound, fauna, flora, etc.
Once the tour of the climatic house finished, each one went with his German partner to their respective houses; later the most of the Spanish met to go to a Mexican restaurant and to have dinner together with German and Czech partners.

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